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As that bloke sang, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year……..” and we at Fightback Towers have been very touched to receive gifts from friends in America!

The wonderfully talented (she is the best writer bar none!) and hilarious Accidental Cootchie Mama, Andra Watkins relented to my pleadings (Bribe) and is sending me an Ella Fitzgerald CD as part of her ace set of Christmas Songs posts. Andra’s Site is HERE!

Thanks Andra. There is only one way to repay you – here is Ella with a sausage on her head.

ella copy

Also many thanks to that Titan Of Cincinnati, A Frank Angle,  for honouring GFB with TWO gifts (one for me and one for Oily George!) Oily’s is entirely appropriate for our very own Porn Mogul turned lifestyle/mucky thoughts guru.

You can find out what Frank has given us HERE!

We are equally touched by delightful Debra who writes the marvellous Breathelighter Blog  for also suggesting that we should be the recipients of Grab Bag 12 on Franks’s list. I will leave it to you to discover Grab Bag 12.

Oily George is deeply touched  (and is deeply touching himself as I write) that so many of you see him as a perv (which he is). I would say you should not rub him up the wrong way but as far as he is concerned (and to misquote Bachman Turner Overdrive) “Any rubbin’ is good rubbin'”.

Once again many thanks! (And I hope the links work).

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