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Happy New Year!

As an Urban Dance Collective, this is a busy time for the Gfb crew. But I did manage to round some of them up and send some sort of New Year’s message. Some are nice. Some are stupid. Some are….well you decide.

Oily George

Hi there my pretty young things. Wishing you a slithery new year and that all your dreams are wet.

Aunty Bill

Happy New Year to you all from my Open Prison – If you are planning a new relationship in 2014, it is OK to have one with cooked meats. If you want. But don’t involve pickles.

Bob on the Pot

Happy New Year –  I’m hoping my rash clears up and my skidmarks are much diminished as a result of the new bidet.


Terry Cotter The Potter 

Happy 2014 – It will go on for a bit.

The Sperm With A Perm

Happy New Year! Just hope I have  a chance to impregnate!

 Stench McBain – Ginger Ninja Warrior One Man War Gone Rogue Gone Bad

Happy New Year – I hope I don’t have to kill a man from three hundred yards with just a hint of sarcasm


Barry Belcher – The Mystic Milkman

Is it New Year?

Agnes DuPont – Her amazing previous lives

I spent 1492 as Christopher Columbus’ left shoe – that was a great year (Do you think she is lying?)

The Tight Fisted Traveller

He is currently living the life of a penguin en route to the South Pole (in economy class naturally)and so didn’t send anything.

That was nice. Heartfelt. What a lovely bunch of misfits and nincompoops. As we say you either get it or you don’t – it is touching to see that so many thousands of people have. Even in Uzbekistan!

Thanks also to everyone’s support in our anti-bullying stance this year especially in taking on Kick A Ginger Day in November. We did manage to get the Twitter account taken down and hopefully stopped some kid getting a kicking because of the colour of their hair. We will continue the good fight in 2014.

So, here’s to a nonsensical 2014 – I hope your dreams are realised and fears squashed!

Better A Redhead Than A Deadhead!

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