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Ginger Is A State Of Mind

Warhol. One word. One man.

“Ginger Wigs”.

A collection of Ginger Wigs. Wigs that are Ginger.

So brave. So challenging. So daring. So-da Stream.


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Gingerfightback can reveal that Sergio Leone originally called “The Man With No Name”  – “The Man With A Sausage On His Hat”.

We are glad that Sergio changed his mind…..

fistful-of-dollars005-730x365 copy

The Sausage Spaghetti Western Trilogy;

A Fistful Of Sausages

For A Few Sausages More

The Good The Bad And The Sausage

And here is the original poster for A Fistful of Chickens.

The Chick With No Name

The Chick With No Name

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Dear Fanny,

My husband has taken to eating his own toe-nails and belly button fluff. When I finally discovered his dirty little secret and confronted him, he confessed that this had been going on ever since I discovered the diet book ” Ooh, you are offal, but I like you” by Seamus McButter.

I feel betrayed! Little did I know that he’d been giving his tripe porridge, testicle broth and roast pig’s spleen to the dog. No wonder it looks so pleased with itself.

Please help!

Doris, Suffolk.


Dear Doris.

What an ungrateful fool he is! He would need to eat the entire toe-nail clippage of the population of Wales to get the equivalent calcium content of a fried kidney.

Incidently, during my recent appearance on “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here” I tried a Possum’s penis for the first time. And delicious it was! One of the presenters Ant or Dec, thought it rather hilarious.

So my dear may I encourage you to continue with your offal only diet by sending this marvellous French classic recipe of Devilled Kidneys on toast.


6 lambs kidneys (trimmed)

A large knob of butter

A spoon of plain flour mixed with a large pinch of paprika and a smidgeon of salt.

2 spoons of crème fraiche

1 spoon of Dijon mustard

A few drops of Worcestershire sauce


Coat the kidneys in the flour mixture. Melt the butter in a non stick pan and fry the kidneys for 2-3 minutes each side. Add a splash of W’shire sauce, the Dijon mustard and the crème fraiche.

Pile the kidneys onto hot buttered toast and serve with a large glass of Chianti. Et voila.

A cheap, nutritious, tasty meal for all the family, including the dog, to enjoy!


Le Fannoir!

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This week’s request comes from the Debra Fetterly and her wonderful Breathe Lighter site which you can find here!

Chim, chimerney, chim chimerney, chim chim cheroo…….

Here is fabled Nanny, Mary Poppins arriving in her unique way. As the song goes “Superbanger……etc…etc” (Couldn’t think of anything to be honest).

mary_poppins copy



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new oily

Hello Oily

Are Atoms hairy?

Gwyneth, Primrose Hill

Oily Replies

They are indeed. In the 60’s I was in a psychedelic folk rock jazz mambo fusion band called Atom and the Aunts. I was Atom and I had a lot of hair. That is all the proof you need. My backing band were ‘The Aunts’. Thankfully they did not look like your typical Aunt Agnes; no hairy upper lip, no frumpy clothes no tendency to clean your face with their hanky.

No, these Aunts were 22, dressed in mini skirts, long legged, busty, oily. We did many gigs up and down the country from the top of Soho to, well, the bottom of Soho. Had a residency spot at my good friend and fellow S&M freak Raymond Revues Niteclub, ‘The Exploding Nuts’.

McQueen,  Newman, Hendrix, Sid James, Babs Windsor, Ronnie and Reggie, John Profumo-Scandal, all regular visitors and all very satisfied customers. Always best to clear the bar of all sharp objects before Ronnie called mind you. Such temper tantrums, it was always me me me with that one!


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All You Need Is Ginger!

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Fanny By Gaslight

Hello Folks

After a spell in the Betty Turnip Clinic, for some well deserved “rest”, Gfb is pleased to announce that Fanny is Fightin’ Fit and ready to offer some more cooking tips.

Dear Fanny,

I’m throwing a bit of do to raise a few quid for a liver transplant for my Auntie Nelly, or “Yellow Nel” as she’s known to those that love her. But to be honest, there’s not that many who do.

Any idea for nibbles on arrival?

Tendai Nikamaru Madada,


Dear Tendai,

Have you considered donating one of your own livers? You can live quite comfortably with only one you know. Fortunately, I sustain a healthy lifestyle in conjunction with an enormous alcohol intake and have lived happily without a functioning liver for a couple of decades now.

Doctors! who needs ’em! And I think you’ll agree that I look good for a 38 year old.

Now back to your question dear boy.

You will amaze your guests on arrival with Bloody Mary Lollipops.


24 cherry tomatoes

Half a pint of vodka

Worcestestestestshire sauce/ Tabasco sauce

Celery sticks

Sea Salt

Cocktail sticks


Prick the cherry tomatoes all over with a cocktail stick and leave to soak in a mix of vodka/worcestestestestshire and tabasco sauce for 6 hours.

The tomatoes will soak up all of the liquor.

Cut the celery into 2 inch sticks and shave one end into a point.

Pierce each tomato with a celery spear and stick into a small cube of sharp cheddar.

Finish with a sprinkle of coarse sea salt and serve.


Yellow Nel!

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Sweet Fanny Adams

Gfb’s cookery advisor Fanny Redcrack is here to help you with some cooking tips.

As the world’s leading exponent of cooking with opiates, her world renowned Crack Of Lamb is to die for, Fanny is on hand to add some real spice to basic recipes.

She found ten minutes away from her bong to answer this query.

Eat Up!

Dear Fanny

Blancmange. What’s that all about then?

Clive Seatbelt, Merseyside.

Dear Clive.

Whilst researching my new book,”Fanny Galore! The Woman Behind The Whisk” I came across this fascinating tale.

After a successful encore of Blind Vision at Milton Keynes Town Hall, life was good for pop combo Blancmange. Their album Mange Tout was flying high at number 8 in the U.K charts and lead singer Neil Arthur, returned to the newly opened Milton Keynes Travelstay Motel determined to party.

Neil phoned reception and ordered a celebratory pudding.

The night chef had been on the Skol all night,  got a little bleary eyed and inadvertently  a dessert was born!

60ml of cornflour

1 Pint of full fat milk

Lemon rind

45ml of caster sugar

Blend 30ml of milk with the cornflour. Heat the milk, sugar and lemon to boiling point, add the cornflour mix. Bring back up to boil. Pour into ramekins. Chill for 3 hrs. Serve with fruit.

Keep Rockin!


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1966 was a great year to be British. Dentistry had been bought in from the cold. Tinned fruit and roofs were becoming commonplace and plugs of all varieties were no longer in short supply! Brown and Bitter was a staple drink of the working classes and not a comment on inner city racial tensions and the nation survived the great Barber lockout in March of that year. Long hair however was born amongst young men. And with it fancy ideas.

Yet there was more to 1966 than all this happy joie de vivre type stuff. For on July 37th in 1966 England won the World Cup for footballing.

Yet it was a game not without controversy!

Firstly, England coach Alf Lamb-Shank selected The Sound of Music Singin’ Sensation Julie’s Andrew in goal. Secondly, Her Majesty Queenie is caught nicking fried onions from the burger bar at half-time but once again The Establishment covered up her chronic kleptomania.

But apart from these moments. There is one moment that still counts as one of the great talking moments in a game of many moments.

No, we are not talking about the moment Franz Beckanbauer picks up a stray rasher of bacon from the sacred Wembley turf and claims a ham ball. We are of course talking about this talking point.

Did the chicken cross the line?

Gingerfightback has recently unearthed a new image that proves conclusively nothing at all.

The picture below shows the chicken moments after the German goal attendant Hans Knees-Andbumpsadaisy has been beaten by the power of Geoff Hurst’s shot and can only watch helplessly as the fowl fly’s towards the goal.

Did The Chicken Cross The Line?

England claim success. The referee is unsure. He confers with the Georgian linesman. With a firm nod of his head Dimitri Yashmilli-Vanilli confirms a goal has been scored.

England go on to win the greatest prize in world football. In West Germany there is outrage. So angry are the Germans that they take revenge by developing a sustainable industrial base. OUCH!

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