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The Boob Report – Buns Up!

Amazing Woman!

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

My boobs are fully bionic. This was the last surgery in the double mastectomy and reconstructive process. The swap was made by reopening my scars, deflating the expanders, rolling them up like cigars and slipping them out.


The deflated expander’s front and back, showing the blue magnetic area where saline is filled with a needle. 

Breast implant

The bait and switch. This is the example, but the actual implant is round.

Replaced with soft silicone, my halogen high beams became hamburger buns. I could see why my doctor wanted me to do the fat transfer. It looks as though they are in a push up bra while defying gravity.

Bra size in buns

Bra size in buns. My boobs resemble the B cup, I mean bun.

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Kettle on my head

Ever wondered what Gingerfightback looks like? Take a peek……..

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Like the Movement of Time

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Regular readers of my lies will recall that I joined the reincarnee’s dating agency, “Have We’ve Met B4?”  (www.previouslovepreviouslives.com)

Well, Great News! I have met a lovely man! Called Trevor!

In his previous life he was a Roman Centurion guarding Hardrian’s Wall,  way oooop North!

Today he works in a brick factory.

He has rebuilt part of Hadrian’s Wall in his back bedroom. It’s lucky he works in a brick factory, otherwise it could have cost him a fortune!

He regularly pours boiling oil over passers by and recently crucified a man who was selling flannels door to door.  The Police have been round to have a word about this.  As you would expect. He explained the misunderstanding and bought a couple of flannels as a peace offering.

I’m going round for Tea. Traditional dress.  I’m a bit worried.  My hammer toes aren’t really set off by a sandal. Still hopefully the inflatable Christian I have bought from www.slaughterthereligous.com should keep Trevor amused and his mind off my pudgey tootsies.

Seeing his todger in a toga dampens the appetite somewhat. But I am taking a sherry trifle with me for pudding. Yum yum.


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The moods of thumb

Thumbody up to thumbthing


Having a Harry Potter moment:

69828738271be77e8de59d2d56bbae96 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Forgot to use the red eye reducer when being snapped:

69828738271be77e8de59d2d56bbae96 - Copy

Tourettes thumb:
Meeting a long lost twin:


Blogger Dress-Up:

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A wonderful woman giving cancer a kicking

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

I made it through the double mastectomy in May knowing I would soon be surrounded by beauty in some of my favorite places while eating delicious food.

Mystery photo #4

My husband Danny and I flew to Barcelona and met our daughter who studied abroad. It had been over five weeks since the surgery and I still had some lifting restrictions. Being without cancer for the first time in years, my energy level soared! We hit the ground running and didn’t stop until the cows came home at O’ dark thirty.

Oh, glorious food! I tried to watch my portions since everything was prepared with simple ingredients and lots of butter. Chocolate croissants melted in my mouth, every morning. Restaurants used seasonal fruits and vegetables. I entered food nirvana.

After driving through France, we took the train to England. What a trip.

The timing rocked. The European adventure took my mind off my…

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